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corporate growth at focus

Being exposed in the dynamic and highly volatile corporate/industrial landscape, requires strong positioning and solid, but not rigid, structures that allow you to adapt to critical changes.

We guide you to stay relevant and current to your field, and identify upcoming critical changes, ensuring you are ready to address them through timely positioning and planning instead of forced actions/reactions.

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  • Idea Evaluation
  • Launch
  • Diversification
  • Your organization's maturity defines the set of actions to take for advancing to the next stage or grow further in the current one. For each stage we outline key characteristics, for you to find similarities and identify the best fit. In all cases we welcome you to contact us to guide your thoughts further.
  • Being at this stage means that all you have is a great idea, a notion of how to move forward and lots of apetite to work. Although this sounds enough, it isn't. You need to research, measure and plan in order to decide whether you should go for it or not.
  • You've made your homework (hopefully) and prepared yourself for what's coming once you get exposed to the real world. Market will show you that your biggest asset is your operational structure that will allow you to adapt in emerging situations in an agile and flexible manner.
  • Becoming successful isn't a perpetual status. You need to re-invent yourself again and again to stay relevent and current to your field. In many cases this means revisiting your entire idea and diversifying to avoid stagnation and decline.

History has demonstrated that wars can be won by occupying the right spot in the battlefield. Same applies in modern markets.

We make sure your idea has the profile to occupy a rather unexploited spot in the market where there is space AND potential to grow. If we deem it necessary, we will advise you on how to fine tune your idea to get there.

Initially, your idea exists broken into pieces. We make sure we collect these pieces, add pieces we find missing and move them into place to give shape, dimensions and color to your idea.

We draw the bigger picture for you and provide you with evidence if something doesn't add-up and needs to change or if the idea has indeed the potential you think.

Corporate arenas are highly volatile and dynamic environments. This means that the position marked strategically for occupation in your industry may have been marked if not already claimed by someone else. We identify if you are on collision course with a significant force and if so, we give you guidance to reposition yourself without losing the growth potential sought.

We build or re-engineer your business' backbone so that everyone develops common understanding of the organization and its processes.

At the same time, we ensure [re]alignment of your strategic objectives with tactical demands and smooth transition to planned or emerging structural changes.

Business is the brains of the company, information technology the muscle and information systems the nervous system. For the entire organization to function all parts need to grow in parallel and in harmony.

We advise you so that the "muscle and nervous system" of your business grow in a structured, scalable symmetrical and purposeful manner.

Any planned or emerging change in your organization is bound to find resistance from within as organizations are run by humans and humans are, by nature, reluctant to change.

We come to plant the seed of change inside your organization so that no one feels threatened and the transition from current to future status is achieved in a smooth and inobtrusive manner.