G&C Digital Transformation Services Division

digital tranformation services

principles that define us

we do not believe
in best practices

Best practices can be used as benchmarks, but imply that "one size fits all", thus turning irrelevant and merely a relic of the past.

Instead, we believe in special practices/best fits, and leading practices/innovation. This is why we are selective and choose to put our entire energy into few, intriguing, challenging and diverse projects, instead of breaking our efforts into fragments in the pursuit of volumes and impressions.

we only promise
things we can deliver

When it comes to projects, risk is an inherent component. We are ready to take every necessary, calculated risk but we will never experiment with things that are vital to you.

We know first hand that textbooks and a strong academic background without hands-on experience just won't make the cut when it comes to real life. Fortunately, we have seen true action throughout the years and we know exactly what to do.

we know business and
we know technology

Business and technology are different sides of the same coin. Focusing on one doesn't mean that the other isn't there, and changing one doesn't leave the other unaffected.

Communication and alignment between business and technology is a vital factor in every endeavour, disregarging its scale. Throughout the years we have developed the ability to speak the language of both worlds and the knowledge to fuse them into one.

your business
is our business

Experience in small-scale initiatives doesn't ensure effectiveness in large ones. It may seem strange but, nor does the other way round. Experience in both is required.

Disregarding the prerequisite experience we have gained over the years, we found that there is another prerequisite for any initiative to succeed; that is personal involvement. This is why, for as long as we work together, we live and breathe your business.

in our field of expertise
we do not experiment...
... we know exactly what to do